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In this fast-paced modern world, we tend to forget how much being in nature can be good for the soul. With a sparsely populated territory of nearly 280,000 km² (108,000 square miles), a majestic river that widens into the sea, two mountain ranges and 13 species of whales, Québec maritime is truly a nature destination.

This natural heritage is accessible through numerous tourist sites that protect and showcase it. In all, Québec maritime boasts ten national parks, five wildlife reserves and a large number of nature interpretation and observation sites.

There is no doubt that Québec maritime is an ideal region for nature getaways—in a unique environment where the sea and mountains meet!
Nature Getaways Packages
Versailles Package

Versailles Package

Château Fraser Hotel

Starting from $289.00
per person based on double occupancy, taxes and gratuities not included Valid all year
Tandem Massage Body Care Package

Tandem Massage Body Care Package

Auberge L'Ambassadeur

Starting from $195.75
per person based on double occupancy, taxes not included Valid all year
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Nature Getaways Road Trip Ideas

The Lighthouse Trail

The Lighthouse Trail takes you to unique buildings and sites all along the St. Lawrence coast. This scenic drive is also an opportunity to learn about an important part of Québec history.

The National Park Tour

Go on a National Park Tour to see the best of what Québec maritime has to offer. Our ten national parks present ten different ways to experience the nature, culture and history of our regions.
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  • Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve

    The Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve offers 15 comfortable cabins in six accommodation sectors. Most cabins are located next to a lake, equipped...
  • Matane Wildlife Reserve

    Enjoy a stay at the Matane Wildlife Reserve in a campground or cabin. Spend a day or longer on the reserve and get the most out of your experience...
  • Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge

    Designed with the greatest respect for the natural environment, the Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge offers comfortable and friendly accommodations...
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Nature Getaways Photos
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  • Seal-watching excursion on the ice
  • Petit-Sault sector, Gaspésie National Park
  • Whitecoat
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