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Protection, presentation, education
The maritime regions of Québec are home to national parks, wildlife reserves and marine conservation areas administered by the following bodies:
Although their names and missions differ slightly, parks, wildlife reserves and marine conservation areas have similar objectives: to protect, preserve and present Canada’s natural and cultural heritage for the education, recreation and appreciation of present and future generations.
Wildlife reserves
Wildlife reserves allow visitors to hunt and fish under certain conditions. In addition, they offer a wide variety of outdoor activities (mountain biking, canoeing, camping, etc.) that provide visitors with direct contact with nature throughout the year.
National parks
One of the main characteristics of national parks—and some wildlife reserves—is that they offer visitors various interpretive programs as well as guided activities. The purpose of such activities is to enrich visitors’ experience and allow them to learn while having fun.

Don’t miss this opportunity to commune with nature while interacting with friendly interpreters, who will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

Since the purpose of national parks is to protect species and ecosystems, hunting and fishing are forbidden as is most harvesting, except in designated areas where you may pick berries or harvest shellfish.
National parks and wildlife reserves invite you to prolong your stay by taking advantage of the many lodging options they offer: campsites, cottages, huts, inns or, for something more unusual, yurts or Huttopia tents. Make the most out of your vacation by staying in these remarkable sites!
National Parks and Wildlife Reserves Packages
Island Fever Package

Island Fever Package

Auberge Les Trois Soeurs

Starting from $106.50
per person based on double occupancy, taxes not included Valid from June 20, 2014 to September 30, 2014
Night in a Yurt

Night in a Yurt

Bic National Park

Starting from $137.00
for 4 people, taxes and park entrance fees not included Valid all year
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Testimonials about National Parks and Wildlife Reserves
  • August 2011
    "I went there in May, which it was still cold, but after the long drive when it got there it was all worth it, a truly unforgetable experience :) Everybody should go at least once in their life." Read more »
  • Miguasha National Park: A Journey into a World of Discovery
    "Miguasha is the planet’s most important fossil site for the geological period known as the Late Devonian. No other World Heritage Site has been recognized for this period in the history of evolution because Miguasha is the most representative as a result of its flora, fauna and invertebrate fossils." Read more »
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  • Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

    The Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve is made up of a remarkably beautiful scattering of some 40 limestone islands and over 1000 granitic islets and reefs. Discover striking natural sculptures, astonishing plant life and unusual birds.
  • Cap-de-Bon-Désir Interpretation and Observation Centre

    Take in exceptional views of the sea and breathe in fresh air in the forest or along the shore. Cap de Bon-Désir is located along the St. Lawrence next to the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park, which is protected by Parks Canada and Parcs Québec.
  • Port-Daniel Wildlife Reserve

    The Port-Daniel Wildlife Reserve is a small territory that protects several lakes and one river. This little corner of paradise can be reached without having to go far off the beaten trail. Indeed, it is located just 8 km (5 mi.) from the sea.
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Lighthouse Trail

Île Verte Lighthouse
Built on an island in 1809, the Île Verte Lighthouse was Québec’s first. Learn about the history of this lighthouse and the evolution of its light and sound systems. While you’re at it, you might even see a few belugas. You can spend the night in the lighthouse keeper’s home or the assistant keeper’s home, which have been converted into bed and breakfasts.
Photo: Pietro Canali
Petite île au Marteau Lighthouse
Located in the heart of the Mingan archipelago, the Petite île au Marteau Lighthouse lets you relive the era of lighthouse keepers of old. For a truly unforgettable experience, take part in a guided hike at night by the light of the capailloux lanterns (perforated metal containers with candles inside).
Photo: Nelson Boisvert
Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse
Built over 150 years ago, the Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse is the tallest in Canada. Climb to the top of the lighthouse in the company of a guide and learn about its history and workings.
Photo: Pietro Canali
Pointe-des-Monts Lighthouse
Visit the oldest lighthouse on the north shore of the St. Lawrence. Explore a seven-storey exhibit on the lives of the lighthouse keepers who operated it from 1830 to 1964. Four comfortable rooms are available in the keeper’s home, including a restaurant.
Photo: Pierre Rambaud / Le Cyclope
Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse
Recognized as a national historic site, this lighthouse is the second tallest in Canada. Climb its 128 steps to a unique view of the St. Lawrence. You will learn about the sinking of the Empress of Ireland and visit the submarine Onondaga.
Photo: Pietro Canali
L’Anse-à-la-Cabane Lighthouse
Built by the Government of Canada between 1870 and 1874, the Anse-à-la-Cabane Lighthouse served as a beacon to sailors and fishermen as they approached the Îles de la Madeleine. Still in operation today, the lighthouse is fully computerized.
Photo: Michel Bonato / Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine
La Martre Lighthouse
Still in operation, the La Martre Lighthouse has a unique wooden structure, and the original timing system controls the rotation of the light. The Musée des phares located nearby explains the evolution of the lighting systems as well as the operation and the important role of Québec lighthouses.
Photo: Pietro Canali

Bon-Désir Lighthouse
Located in the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park, the Bon-Désir Lighthouse is one of the youngest lighthouses along the St. Lawrence. The site offers various interpretation activities and is perfect for observing marine mammals from dry land.
Photo: Marc Loiselle / Tourisme Manicouagan
Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie Lighthouse
This unique lighthouse has been designated as a national historic monument. Take a guided tour and discover the surprising history of the small archipelago on which the lighthouse is located. The lighthouse was restored by the Société Duvetnor in 1989, which rents out rooms with a view of the sea.
Photo: Pietro Canali
Pointe à la Renommée Lighthouse
After spending 20 years in the port of Québec City, this lighthouse was brought home to its original location in 1997, making it the most travelled lighthouse in the world! The lighthouse sits on the site of the first maritime radio station in North America. It is home to two exhibits dedicated to radio operators and lighthouse keepers.
Photo: Jean-Pierre Huard
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National Parks and Wildlife Reserves Photos
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  • Sea Tour boat setting off from Percé
  • Petite île au Marteau in Mingan Archipelago (Côte-Nord - Duplessis)
  • Forillon National Park of Canada, Cap Bon-Ami area
  • Kayakers in the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada
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