Cindy Nadeau

Relais Nordik, Côte-Nord

Originally from Lac Baker, New Brunswick, Cindy Nadeau has always preferred living near water. After working on cruise ships, it was therefore natural for her to cast off on the St. Lawrence! As Director of Business Development and Customer Experience at Relais Nordik, Cindy uses her infectious humour to make sure each passenger has a memorable onboard experience; she also looks forward to working with the friendly crew each spring. She raves about the magnificent landscapes you can see from the St. Lawrence every time she boards the MV Bella Desgagnés. She particularly adores the remote villages on the Lower North Shore, which charm visitors with their blend of French, English and Innu influences. Her favourite is the village of Harrington Harbour, which features wooden boardwalks and quaint little houses. According to her, the scenic beauty of the St. Lawrence on this trip is something to behold!