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Early on in its history, Gaspésie became a must-see destination thanks to its picture-perfect landscapes and its warm and friendly people, who create a diverse cultural mosaic. See for yourself how this tradition of hospitality continues today! Over the years, National Geographic Traveler has recognized the Gaspé Peninsula on many occasions, most recently by including the region on their list of Canada’s 50 Places of a LifetimeRead more...
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Ski Package

Amqui (Gaspésie)
Starting from $102.50

Snowmobile Package

Amqui (Gaspésie)
Starting from $74.50

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Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve

Mont-Saint-Pierre (Gaspésie)

Gaspésie National Park

Sainte-Anne-des-Monts (Gaspésie)
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February 21 to 28, 2015

TDLG on Skis

Gaspé (Gaspésie)

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Auberge L'Ambassadeur

Amqui (Gaspésie)

Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve

Mont-Saint-Pierre (Gaspésie)
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Gaspésie National Park

Sainte-Anne-des-Monts (Gaspésie)

Auberge L'Ambassadeur

Amqui (Gaspésie)
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National Car Rental

Rimouski (Bas-Saint-Laurent)

About Gaspésie

Land area: 31 018 km2
Population: 140 920

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Also visit the official website of Tourisme Gaspésie.


Plan your trip by ordering the Gaspésie Official Tourist Guide or reading it online.
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