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Snowmobile Rides

Mont-Saint-Pierre (Gaspésie) ©Robert Baronet
Photo: Mont-Saint-Pierre (Gaspésie) ©Robert Baronet

Snowmobiling – The Great Gaspé Peninsula Tour

The Great Gaspé Peninsula Tour is famous for its excellent snow and trail conditions as well as its breathtaking scenery.

Snowmobiling – The Northern Trail

The Northern Trail, which runs along Trans-Québec trail #3 (TQ3) from Tadoussac to Blanc-Sablon, is ideal for snowmobilers in search of pristine wilderness and wide open spaces.

Snowmobiling – The St. Lawrence Tour

Treat yourself to the best of both worlds by exploring sections of the Great Gaspé Peninsula Tour (TQ5) and the White Trail (TQ3).

Snowmobiling in Côte-Nord – Duplessis – The White Trail

The White Trail begins in Kegaska, just east of Natashquan, where Route 138 ends, and goes all the way to Blanc-Sablon along the Lower North Shore.

Snowmobiling in Bas-Saint-Laurent – The Kamouraska Tour

The Kamouraska Tour is a loop ride through the beautiful Kamouraska region and along the former Monk railway line, which features wide turns and gentle slopes.

Snowmobiling in Bas-Saint-Laurent – The Témiscouata Tour

The Témiscouata Tour takes you through forest and lake scenery.

Snowmobiling in Bas-Saint-Laurent – The Notre-Dame Mountain Tour

The Notre-Dame Mountain Tour is a long loop ride that extends from Rivière-du-Loup to Saint-Donat and combines the best of two worlds.

Snowmobiling in Gaspésie – The Chic-Chocs–Forillon Loop

Come and explore all that the north shore of the Gaspé Peninsula has to offer.

Snowmobiling in Gaspésie – The Chic-Chocs Loop

Visit moose country and ride around the Chic-Choc Mountains and Mt. Nicol-Albert. Discover Murdochville in the interior as well as Mont-Saint-Pierre and other coastal villages that offer exceptional views of the sea and mountains.

Snowmobiling in Gaspésie – The Forillon Loop

Come and explore Gaspésie’s tide-washed shores such as those in Petite-Vallée.

Snowmobiling in Gaspésie – The Chic-Chocs–Chaleur Bay Loop

Ride back and forth across the Gaspé Peninsula via the copper town of Murdochville and the Chic-Choc Mountains, one of the main attractions of this region.

Snowmobiling in Gaspésie – The Chic-Chocs–Matapédia Valley Loop

This loop tour offers miles of trails along rivers, waterfalls and gorges at the heart of a majestic valley.

Snowmobiling in Gaspésie – The Gaspé Peninsula Tour

Gaspésie is about freedom, mountains, wildlife, a rich natural heritage and an immense territory.

Snowmobiling in Gaspésie – The Peninsula Loop

From the shoreline to Forillon and from Gaspé to Coin-du-Banc, come and soak up the magnificent scenery at the tip of the Peninsula and relive the history of European explorers.
  • Matane–Baie-Comeau/Godbout ferry

    Sitting comfortably on your snowmobile, board the ferry that links Matane (on the south shore) to Baie-Comeau or Godbout (on the north shore) and explore both sides of the St. Lawrence, which are remarkably different.
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Snowmobiling Photos
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  • Snowmobile bridge on Manicouagan river, the longest in North America! (Côte-Nord)
  • Snowmobilers arriving at the heritage site of Les Galets in Natashquan
  • Snowmobile Trail in Saint-Fabien-sur-mer (Bas-Saint-Laurent)
  • Trans-Québec Trail #5 (Bas-Saint-Laurent)
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