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Smarter Seafood Announces List of 2012 Certified Species

March 8, 2012
During your next stay in the regions of Québec maritime, be sure to look for the Smarter Seafood logo, which designates restaurants and fish markets that support the sustainable development of the St. Lawrence.

Created in 2009, Smarter Seafood is an accreditation program that encourages the diversification of fish and seafood consumption in order to reduce the overfishing of certain species. Look for this accreditation and discover unique and relatively unknown marine species!

The list of marine species that are certified Smarter Seafood is drawn up by the Exploramer team using a scientifically sound methodology; it is then confirmed by a committee of social scientific experts. In 2012, seafood lovers can savour the following certified species:

- Atlantic halibut
- Atlantic mackerel
- Blue mussels (aquaculture)
- Capelin
- Common periwinkle
- Greenland halibut (turbot)
- Green sea urchin
- Harp seal
- Kelp
- Monkfish
- Oysters (aquaculture)
- Rock crab
- Sculpin (various species)
- Sea raven
- Sea scallops (aquaculture)
- Softshell clams (aquaculture)
- Squid (from the St. Lawrence)
- Stimpson’s surf clams
- Toad crab
- Waved whelk

Over the next few weeks, Exploramer will also certify restaurants and fish markets that are committed to the sustainable development of the St. Lawrence. We will post the list here once it has been announced in June .

In 2011, eighty restaurants and fish markets in Québec received the Smarter Seafood certification. Certified businesses are committed to introducing their customers to edible marine species that are present in sufficient quantities in the St. Lawrence, are relatively unknown to consumers and are fished using techniques that don’t disturb the seabed.

Dare to taste!

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