Réserve faunique de Matane

500, chemin de la réserve faunique
Saint-René-de-Matane (Quebec) Canada
G0J 3E0
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Recognized first and foremost for its exceptionally rich wildlife, this wildlife reserve in Matane offers nearly 1275 km2 (490 sq. mi.) of breathtaking scenery combining mountains and deep valleys crisscrossed by numerous waterways.

The reserve offers over 100 km (60 mi.) of hiking trails. Look for changes in the vegetation as you hike along the Mont Blanc trail, and feast your eyes on the spectacular mountain scenery along the International Appalachian Trail. If you like wild berries, you can pick juicy raspberries in season during your stay on the wildlife reserve.

Enjoy a lovely kayaking excursion on Étang à la Truite (Trout Pond), which is 3 km (2 mi.) long. With any luck you may spot moose in their natural habitat as you paddle!

Wildlife observation is the featured activity in the reserve. Mud flats allow enthusiasts to observe moose. The Étang-à-la-Truite Interpretation Centre is a must for those wishing to learn more about this impressive animal. Over 150 species of birds can also be observed in the reserve. The reserve has one of the highest concentrations of moose in Québec.

Opening dates

Late May to early September


The John Registration Centre is open from early June to mid-November. The Étang-à-la-Truite Registration Centre is open from early June to early September. Opening hours vary according to the season. Driving through the reserve is prohibited during moose hunting season, from early September to early November.


General wildlife reserve rates. Visit our website for further information.


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Activities available

Wildlife Observation
The reserve is home to moose, white-tailed deer, black bears, foxes, coyotes and small mammals as well as over 150 species of birds.
The wildlife reserve offers over 100 km (60 mi.) of hiking along the International Appalachian Trail (www.sia-iat.com). As you explore in this beautiful natural environment, you can observe many species of wildlife and admire breathtaking scenery.
Lake and River Excursions
Explore Étang à la Truite (Trout Pond), which is 2 km (1.2 mi.) long, in a rowboat, kayak or pedal boat or on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Equipment available for rent. Packages also available.
Wildlife Reserves
The wildlife reserve is home to many remarkable wildlife species. The dense moose population makes this a great place to observe the largest members of the deer family. While out hiking, be on the lookout for moose in their natural habitat!


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  • Boutique

How to get there

The John Visitor Reception Centre is 40 km (25 mi.) southeast of Matane. To get there, take Route 132 to Matane, then Route 195.

Affiliations and distinctions


  • Parcs Québec network (SÉPAQ)
  • Tourisme Gaspésie
  • Tourisme Matane
  • Camping Québec
  • International Appalachian Trail
  • QuébecOriginal
  • Matane Hunting and Fishing Association
  • Vertigo Aventures
  • Eskamer Aventure


  • Certified Quality Tourism Gaspésie

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