All roads lead to the maritime regions of Québec!

Although there are many ways to get to our regions, the best way to explore them is by road. Four ferries will take visitors from one shore of the St. Lawrence to the other, thereby multiplying their options for interregional travel. Two cruises on the St. Lawrence also give your clients the opportunity to admire the coastline from the sea: the Bella Desgagnés (Minganie, Anticosti and Lower North Shore) and the CTMA Vacancier (between Montréal and the Îles de la Madeleine). To find out the best ways to get to and around our regions, click on the links below.

Discover the Maritime Regions of Québec


3000 km (1900 mi.) of coastline

15 national parks and wildlife reserves

Hundreds of islands with stories to tell

A Lighthouse Trail that includes over 40 sentinels of the sea

13 species of whales

Thousands of seabirds

All this on a territory with fewer than 400,000 inhabitants!

This is a perfect destination to experience the maritime heritage of Québec while sharing unforgettable moments with the locals!