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Story Ideas

The St. Lawrence

Throughout history, the St. Lawrence has had a profound influence on the lives of the people who live along its shores. Today, the importance of this seaway is worth (re)discovering through interpretation sites, built heritage, activities and events. Fall under the spell of Québec by the Sea!

Great outdoors

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? In our regions, the great outdoors means access to wide-open spaces as well as the opportunity to enjoy hiking, cycling, sea kayaking, sea excursions, wind sports, lake and river excursions, and more!

Road trips

The many roads that wind through our regions offer panoramic views of the surrounding sea, mountain and forest scenery. They form loops or networks that seem to have been designed for the enjoyment of travellers in search of adventure. Some of them are also officially designated scenic drives such as the Whale Route or the Navigators’ Route.


From birds to marine and land animals, the maritime regions of Québec offer many opportunities to spot wildlife in their natural habitats while hiking or in the heart of the St. Lawrence. These spectacular sightings will give you the feeling of being one with nature. Come and encounter the animals that live in our regions!

Gourmet delights

Snow crab, lobster, northern shrimp, shellfish and fresh (or smoked) fish are available throughout the maritime regions of Québec. Game meat, fine cheeses, farm produce, berries and locally made alcoholic beverages are also worth discovering directly from the producers, in markets or in local restaurants. Bon appétit!

Unusual accommodations

Do you enjoy new experiences? Our regions offer many unusual accommodations for you to try: a trapper’s camp, treetop cabins, a log inn, “tiny house”-style eco-cottages, ecolodges in the trees, etc. You can also sleep on a boat or in a giant birdhouse or become a lightkeeper or submariner for a night!

Winter activities

Are you a snowmobile, ski or snowshoe enthusiast? Do you want to see whitecoats on the ice surrounding the Îles de la Madeleine? Would you like to go dogsledding and experience what it was like to be a coureur des bois or spend the night in a yurt? To experience all this and more, visit our regions in the winter and enjoy our magical winter wonderland!


What better way to get a feel for a community than by participating in local events? Join us to experience our culture firsthand.


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