Snowmobiling in Côte-Nord – The White Trail

| 3 days |460 km (285 mi.) | from Kegaska to Blanc-Sablon

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For experienced snowmobilers only
If you have never done this type of expedition before, you must travel with a guide. In addition, it is recommended that you travel with at least one other person, and one of you should be familiar with first aid. There is no cell phone coverage along this route.

The White Trail begins in Kegaska, just east of Natashquan, where Route 138 ends, and goes all the way to Blanc-Sablon along the Lower North Shore. The trail is marked and maintained by Transports Québec; given that there are no roads between Kegaska and Blanc-Sablon, it is the only link between the municipalities along the Lower North Shore.

The White Trail offers a unique and extraordinary way of exploring the villages of the Lower North Shore and meeting the inhabitants of this region. This journey will take you along the shores of the Gulf of St. Lawrence through spectacular scenery of snow and ice and across many lakes and rivers.

Along the way, you will go through various villages, including La Romaine with its Innu reserve, Unamen Shipu, and Harrington Harbour, which has been recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Québec. Most municipalities along the White Trail offer restaurants, lodging and gas stations. However, be sure you prepare for this trip with care! In case of emergency, there are 23 huts with a wood stove and firewood along the trail.

Distances between the main villages with services
Kegaska – La Romaine: 58 km (36 mi.)
La Romaine – Chevery: 97 km (60 mi.)
Chevery – Harrington Harbour: 18 km (11 mi.)
Harrington Harbour – Tête-à-la-Baleine (gas only): 35 km (22 mi.)
Tête-à-la-Baleine – Mutton Bay: 29 km (18 mi.)
Mutton Bay – La Tabatière: 35 km (22 mi.)
La Tabatière – Saint-Augustin: 58 km (36 mi.)
Saint-Augustin – Rivière-Saint-Paul: 88 km (55 mi.)
Rivière-Saint-Paul – Blanc-Sablon: 83 km (52 mi.)

For more information, visit the Tourisme Côte-Nord site

Please note: Before setting off on this trip, find out about trail conditions by calling Voyages CoSte (1-877-573-2678) or Gestion Piste Info Neige (418-563-7746). This trail is not regularly maintained.