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Patrick Matte

Patrick Matte took photos of all the traditional lighthouses in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence over a period of nearly 12 years. During his travels, he developed a passion for this maritime environment. As a volunteer for the Corporation des gestionnaires de phares du Saint-Laurent, an organization that promotes the lighthouses of the St. Lawrence, he has forged ties with the people who protect and admire these heritage monuments.


5 Lighthouses, 5 Fascinating Stories about Lightkeepers

   |   By Patrick Matte

The lighthouses of the St. Lawrence have witnessed significant moments in the country’s maritime history. This is also true of the lightkeepers and their families, courageous pioneers whose mission was to make navigation on the St. Lawrence safer. Find out more about these lightkeepers, who left their mark on the history of our regions and still spark our imagination today.

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