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My Night in a Giant Birdhouse in Côte-Nord

   |   By Marie-Eve Lagacé

Since the region of Côte-Nord is an important staging area for birds, it’s also home to many bird-watching sites where you can observe a multitude of species. One popular birding destination is Parc Nature de Pointe-aux-Outardes, which also offers unique birdhouse-themed cottages where you can sleep like a bird for a night or more!

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Lodging Options in Harmony with Nature

   |   By Jean-Pascal Côté

It can be on an island, along a river, in the mountains or even in the trees. Whatever form it takes, nothing beats a night in a natural environment to experience a privileged moment with the spectacular scenery, the enchanting surroundings and the brisk fresh air of Québec maritime.

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From Island to Island in the Maritime Regions of Québec

   |   By Marie-Ève Blanchard

It goes without saying that one of the main attractions of the maritime regions of Québec is the amazing coastlines you can admire as you drive along the majestic St. Lawrence. However, there are also about 2700 islands in the St. Lawrence that contribute to the distinctive character of these regions.

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13 Establishments with 4-Star Accommodations

   |   By Olivier Pierson

There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself, especially when you’re on vacation. After all, vacations are all about taking time away from the everyday, so why not treat yourself to a first-class inn, hotel, resort or outfitter where every detail is considered?

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