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What to Pack for a Trip to the Maritime Regions of Québec

Some of the things you should bring on your next trip  ©Le Québec maritime
If you’re planning your first visit to Québec maritime, you’re probably wondering what to pack for your trip. Should you bring warm or light clothing? Dressy or walking shoes? Insect repellent? I have the answers to your questions!


Québec maritime is a vast region and its summer climate varies considerably. For example, there can be a wide temperature difference depending on whether you are on land or at sea, on the coast or inland, at sea level or in the mountains. Obviously what clothing and accessories you take with you will also depend on what activities you plan on doing and what you plan on visiting.

I recommend that you pack light clothing for the day and warmer clothing for cool evenings, activities at sea or hikes in the mountains. It’s often a good idea to wear layers to make it easy to adapt to changes in temperature throughout the day.

Since few restaurants require “proper attire,” you will mostly need casual clothing. Don’t forget to bring sandals with you, as well as comfortable shoes!

Note that hotels usually provide basic toiletries such as soap and shampoo. A hairdryer and alarm clock are generally provided as well. You may want to call your hotel in advance to confirm what will be available in your room.


Here’s a list of some of the things you should pack for your trip to Québec maritime.


  • Passport and photo ID
  • Money: cash (in Canadian dollars), bank card, credit card or traveller’s cheques
  • Medication (if applicable) in its original container so it can be easily identified
  • Plane, train or bus tickets (if applicable)
  • Travel insurance papers
  • Your itinerary
  • Phone card (available in convenience stores, pharmacies and grocery stores at various prices)


Seasonal clothing

  • Short-sleeved t-shirts and tank tops
  • Shorts and capris
  • Comfortable everyday sandals
  • Swimwear
  • Casual clothing


Warm clothing for cool evenings and sea excursions

  • Wool sweater or polar fleece
  • Comfortable long pants (jeans or hiking pants)
  • Raingear
  • Windbreaker
  • Comfortable hiking shoes


Practical items

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars for whale-watching
  • Camera and/or video camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Small backpack for day excursions
  • Travel guides and maps
  • Travel journal (so you can write down all the highlights of your trip)
  • Bottle opener and corkscrew (what better way to end a day in the sun than by sharing a drink by the edge of the water?!)


Don’t forget to pack your sense of humour too!

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Born in Bas-Saint-Laurent, Anne-Josée Pineau loves this region and is delighted to introduce others to it. Never far from the sea, she’s fascinated by lighthouses and could live on seafood alone! On this blog, she likes to write about our regions’ unusual attractions, make your mouth water by describing local delicacies, and pique your interest by revealing some of the hidden beauty found in Québec by the Sea. In other words, she wants to provide you with lots of ideas for an unforgettable vacation!

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