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Valère Brable

Having grown up in the Vosges Mountains in France and the jungles of French Guiana, Valère Brable eventually settled near the sea in Matane, in Gaspésie, in 2018. With a degree in tourism and a love of the great outdoors, he likes to take advantage of his free time to hit the road and explore the regions of Québec.

7 Beaches to Discover in Côte-Nord

   |   By Valère Brable

Bordered by 1250 km (775 mi.) of coastline, Côte-Nord is a true paradise for sea lovers. Whether you want to go swimming, go for a stroll or simply enjoy the tranquility and fresh sea air, the region is full of beautiful beaches just waiting to be explored. Here are seven you won’t want to miss!

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