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the Bas-Saint-Laurent - Gaspésie Tour

Discover a Slice of History at the Battle of the Restigouche National Historic Site

   |   By Tanya Paquet

Every time I’ve driven past the Battle of the Restigouche National Historic Site in Gaspésie, I’ve thought to myself that I should stop for a visit. And every time, I’ve kept driving... as I’m sure lots of other people do too. And yet this site witnessed a key event in Canadian history that few people know about. Finally, on my way home from a stay in the Chaleur Bay region, I decided to finally visit the historic site... or so I thought!

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Land’s End in Forillon National Park

   |   By Marie-Ève Blanchard

Stopping at Forillon National Park is a must! Jutting out into the sea, Forillon is home to natural attractions of all kinds, including spectacular mountain scenery, trails surrounded by wild flowers and boreal forest as well as marine mammals and seabirds.

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