Perle Morency and Kim Côté

Côté Est, Bas-Saint-Laurent

As people who love the land and its bounty, partners Perle Morency and Kim Côté have worked hard to fulfill their dream and open a literary café-bistro in the former presbytery in Kamouraska. Located at the heart of the village right next to the St. Lawrence, Côté Est is the perfect place to sample dishes that will remind you of your grandmother’s cooking while also featuring innovative combinations of regional ingredients.

Perle Morency has lived in Kamouraska since 1990 when her mother moved back home. Perle has a university degree in literature and has worked on an educational farm as well as at Niemand, a family-run bakery where she acquired business management skills.

Kim Côte has always worked in restaurants. He also has a degree in wildlife conservation and has been a farmer. He is a self-taught cook who combines ingredients in new ways to offer an ever-evolving bistro menu. He wants his menu to tell a story, his and Perle’s story as well as that of their ancestors and of generations to come.

In an effort to showcase local products, including wild mushrooms, seaside plants and farmed-raised game, Perle and Kim offer a creative market cuisine using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Come to Kamouraska to breathe in the sea air; explore forests, fields and mudflats; and savour tasty meals at the Côté Est bistro!