Snowmobiling in Côte-Nord – The Northern Trail

| 7 days |1560 km (970 mi.) | from Sacré-Coeur to Blanc-Sablon

The Northern Trail, in Côte-Nord, will take you from Sacré-Coeur, near Tadoussac, all the way to Blanc-Sablon. This expedition along the coast is ideal for snowmobilers in search of pristine wilderness and wide-open spaces. From Tadoussac, you will ride on Trans-Québec trail #3 (TQ3) to Baie-Johan-Beetz. An ungroomed trail will then take you to Kegaska, where Route 138 ends. This is where the Route Blanche (White Trail) begins, which leads all the way to Blanc-Sablon. Set off to explore this coastal region and enjoy beautiful vistas of the Gulf of St. Lawrence on your sled!

Are you planning to begin your trip in the regions of Québec City, Charlevoix and Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean? Find out more here!

Note: The Northern Trail suggested here incorporates the Route Blanche (White Trail) promoted by Tourisme Côte-Nord.

Travel Itinerary

280 km (175 mi.)Les Escoumins to Baie-Comeau


A few miles outside the village of Portneuf-sur-Mer, you will cross a 30-metre (100-foot) bridge over the Portneuf River. At night, the effect of the lights on the bridge is magical!

Cross the Manicouagan River on the highest snowmobile bridge in North America! This bridge is 213 metres (700 feet) long and about 28 metres (90 feet) high—and is a favourite among snowmobilers!

280 km (175 mi.)Baie-Comeau to Sept-Îles


From Baie-Trinité, take a detour to Pointe-des-Monts to see one of North America’s oldest lighthouses. In clear weather, you can also catch a glimpse of the wind turbines on the other side of the St. Lawrence in Gaspésie.


Off-trail ride towards the far north
From Port-Cartier, adventure lovers can head north on an expedition to Fermont. Taking you through the taiga, this 400-km (250-mi.) ride provides access to several outfitters and gives you opportunities to observe caribou. Keep in mind that this is an expert ride, and you will need to be accompanied by a certified snowmobile guide.

255 km (160 mi.)Sept-Îles to Havre-Saint-Pierre


This trail section runs along the St. Lawrence and gives you access to many charming villages.

Along the way, admire the islands of the Mingan Archipelago, which have been sculpted by the sea and wind.

210 km (130 mi.)Havre-Saint-Pierre to Kegaska


To properly plan your trip between Baie-Johan-Beetz and Kegaska, please contact Gestion Piste Info-Neige (418-726-3076 or 418-563-7746).

460 km (285 mi.)Kegaska to Blanc-Sablon


From Kegaska, just east of Natashquan, snowmobiles are the only form of land transportation to Blanc-Sablon. All along the trail, you will encounter stunning winter scenery as well as a string of Innu, French-speaking and English-speaking villages. Running along the coast, this ride will take you through unique landscapes with numerous islands, rivers and bays. A fascinating journey awaits you in the Lower North Shore!

For a worry-free trip on the White Trail, contact Voyages CoSte to enquire about their snowmobile packages.

Please note: Before setting off on this trip, find out about trail conditions by calling Voyages CoSte (1-877-573-2678) or Gestion Piste Info Neige (418-563-7746). This trail is not regularly maintained.