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Discover Park Canada’s oTENTik Tents!
  • oTentik tent in Forillon National Park
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Discover Park Canada’s oTENTik Tents!

Forillon National Park and the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve are now offering a new lodging option designed and made in Québec: oTENTik tents. Come and enjoy a unique, comfortable and hassle-free camping experience in these parks!


What is an oTENTik tent?

Accommodating up to 6 people, oTENTik tents offer a glamping experience. As with all camping, you’ll sleep surrounded by nature, prepare your food outdoors and have access to outdoor activities of all kinds. However, the similarities to traditional camping end there! A cross between a regular tent and a rustic cabin, your spacious oTENTik tent is furnished with several beds, high-density foam mattresses (no sleeping on the hard ground!) and a porch. Discover a new way to enjoy camping!


oTENTik tents in Forillon National Park

Des-Rosiers Campground (“basic service” package)

This sector of the park offers 8 oTENTik tents. Outdoors, you’ll have access to a fire pit for campfires, a picnic table and a parking space. Inside your unit, you’ll find a table, 4 chairs, a bench, a storage unit, 3 beds and lighting. In addition to packing your food and personal effects, you must also provide your own sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, dishes, a cooler and a camping stove (for outdoor cooking).


oTENTik Campground (ready-to-camp)

Located across from the Petit-Gaspé Beach, this sector offers 7 oTENTik tents, including one that is adapted for people with reduced mobility. In addition to the amenities offered in the “basic service” package, these tents are also equipped with heating, electricity, dishes and utensils. You’ll also have access to a small fridge and a side burner. To stay here, all you need to pack is your personal effects (including sleeping bags, blankets and pillows) and your food.

Nearby services and activities

Near both of these sectors, you’ll find a service building (toilets and showers) as well as the Recreation Centre (pool, tennis court, snack bar, convenience store, etc.)

During your stay in an oTENTik tent, take advantage of the many activities offered in the park: hiking, whale-watching cruises, cycling, sea kayaking, wildlife observation, tours of heritage buildings, interpretive activities, scuba diving, Petit-Gaspé Beach, fishing from the wharf and more!


oTENTik tents in the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

Quarry Island

This island offers 6 oTENTik tents, all of which include a double bed and 4 single beds, a table, 4 chairs and a bench, a storage unit, heating and lighting. Outdoors, you’ll also have access to a barbecue, barbecue tools and a cooking fireplace as well as a picnic table and camping chair. Inquire about the oTENTik kit, available from the Havre-Saint-Pierre Reception and Interpretation Centre, which will provide you with all the additional equipment required for your stay (if you’d rather not pack it in your bags!): cookware and frying pan, dishes, utensils, percolator and more. Important: don’t forget to reserve your boat transportation to the island! Consult the list of private companies providing transportation services to the archipelago.

Nearby services and activities

Near your tent site, you’ll find several amenities to make your stay even more pleasant, including a fire pit, wood shelter, dry toilets and picnic shelter.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to wake up to the sounds of the waves, the Mingan Archipelago offers a wide range of activities: hiking, discovery of mysterious monoliths, wildlife and plant observation, interpretive activities, sea excursions and more!



Reserve your campsite online at or call 1-877-737-3783.


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