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Discover the Charms of Percé

I first visited Percé in 2007, and I’ve since been back on several occasions, but I always feel as if it’s the first time. There is always anticipation before arriving in Percé. You scan the horizon on the lookout for the first opportunity to see the famous rock. Then suddenly, there it is, in all its splendour. I knew it was big, but it’s hard to grasp how impressive it is before seeing it for yourself. I was left speechless.


Once the initial surprise wears off, you’ll enter the beautiful village of Percé and immediately feel the excitement in the air. The main street bustles with people wandering in and out of shops and enjoying themselves on terraces overlooking Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. Laughter rises from all sides. The atmosphere is festive, and you can’t help but fall under Percé’s spell!

Percé Rock © Marc Loiselle

There are so many things to do in Percé that you will never be bored. A boat trip to Bonaventure Island is a must. It’s one of the only safe ways to see Percé Rock from up close. It’s also the perfect opportunity to observe the largest northern gannet colony in the world and learn about the island’s history. Another option is to plan a visit to the island by sea kayak.

Shopping, visiting art galleries and eating in restaurants are all great ways to meet local people and discover all the talent that lies in the Gaspésie region. Artisans open the doors of their studios, restaurateurs share their family recipes, and shop owners introduce visitors to various regional products. I never come home empty-handed after a trip to Percé.


This is only a brief glimpse of what you can do in the Percé area. Every time I visit, I wind up prolonging my stay to take full advantage of everything the village has to offer. Plan to spend several days in Percé, so you won’t miss out on anything!

For more information about Percé, visit their website.

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