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Culture and Discovery: 6 Fun Outing Ideas!

   |   By Marie-Eve Lagacé

A visit to the maritime regions of Québec is an opportunity to meet people and discover their culture and rich maritime heritage. You’ll be amazed by all that our regions have to offer. Here are some ideas for outings to include in your vacation plans this summer!

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A Vast Cultural Mosaic

   |   By Jean-Marie Fallu

Settlement in the maritime regions of Québec was based on geographic location and coveted natural resources. Over time, people came from just about everywhere to settle on the shores of the Estuary ad Gulf of St. Lawrence, hoping for a better future. Discover the vast cultural mosaic that makes up our regions!

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Land’s End in Forillon National Park

   |   By Marie-Ève Blanchard

Stopping at Forillon National Park is a must! Jutting out into the sea, Forillon is home to natural attractions of all kinds, including spectacular mountain scenery, trails surrounded by wild flowers and boreal forest as well as marine mammals and seabirds.

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