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Vacationing in Côte-Nord: A Stay at Hôtel Le Manoir in Baie-Comeau

My first view when entering Hôtel Le Manoir in Baie-Comeau, Côte-Nord, makes the whole trip worth it: the magnificent bay windows in the common room overlook a recently renovated and inviting terrace, but it’s the view of the bay that’s truly spectacular.

Hôtel Le Manoir: A unique atmosphere© Hôtel Le Manoir

The Manoir has a particular cachet. Built in 1937 by newspaper baron Robert Rutherford McCormick to house employees and guests visiting Baie-Comeau, it was rebuilt in 1965 after being destroyed by fire.

I felt a bit like a voyeur as I wandered the hotel hallways. Who hasn’t dreamt of setting foot in a manor house? Obviously, the building has been somewhat modernized since it was built, but still! Heading to my room, I couldn’t help but be impressed by its architecture, which gives the hotel a unique charm. The detailed woodwork, the upholstery and the wrought iron railings, not to mention all the nooks to relax in... It just makes you want to lounge throughout the hotel, to curl up in a comfortable armchair and soak up the magnificent view of the bay. You can also admire the works of local artists showcased throughout the hotel; I’m thinking especially of the large paintings by Claude Bonneau hanging on the staircase walls.

Over the last few years, various parts of the hotel have been renovated and modernized. Many rooms have been redecorated, while others remain more faithful to the original design. In any case, I can confirm that everything they do is customer focused. The new air conditioners are discreet, and some rooms have DVD players (with DVDs for rent at the front desk). There aren’t any microwaves in the rooms, but two are available for guests in the common room.

This common room that I keep mentioning is, in my opinion, one of the highlights of the hotel. It’s where you’ll enjoy your continental breakfast. You can also have light meals here, if you’d prefer not to eat in the dining room: cutlery is at your disposal, as are the microwaves I referred to earlier. Finally, you can relax here and read, play board games, etc. But I’d say the best part is being able to enjoy the view as you sit there!

The hotel's patio offers an amazing view!© Hôtel Le Manoir

Let me also mention the hotel’s location: The Manoir is located near downtown Baie-Comeau, where you’ll find many shops, galleries and places to eat. It’s also very close to Parc des Pionniers where you can stretch your legs, enjoy a picnic and even take in a show in the summer. Finally, the hotel is within a few minutes’ drive of the Baie-Comeau–Matane ferry, which is very handy if you need to catch a boat early in the morning!

I really enjoyed my stay at the Manoir. The staff is friendly and the rooms are very cosy—my bed gave me the impression I was sleeping on a cloud. I recommend staying at this four-star hotel, where you’ll feel like you’re treating yourself to luxury, at a very affordable price!

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