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En Route to Sept-Îles
  • Sept-Îles, Côte-Nord
    Mathieu Dupuis

En Route to Sept-Îles

Nestled between land and sea, Sept-Îles offers a unique tourism experience combining industrial history and natural beauty. Among other things, this city in Côte-Nord boasts a rich Innu heritage and easy access to wild spaces. Discover this outdoor destination by visiting the many local attractions, from the Promenade du Vieux-Quai boardwalk to the Sept Îles Archipelago. You will be delighted by all this area has to offer!

When to go

The summer is one of the best times to visit Sept-Îles to take advantage of the warm weather and the many outdoor activities on offer. In addition, the region’s flora and fauna are at their peak at this time of year, which means you can observe migratory birds, whales and seals while surrounded by nature.

What to see and do

Whether you’re a history buff, seasoned athlete, nature lover or simply looking for some peace and quiet, Sept-Îles will meet all your expectations. Here are a few activity ideas to get you started…

For outdoor enthusiasts

  • Sept Îles Archipelago: A natural gem off the coast of the city, the Sept Îles Archipelago is easily accessible via a sea excursion. Explore hiking trails that offer stunning panoramic views and enjoy a unique wildlife-watching experience. In the early summer, you’re likely to spot whales, seals and seabirds, including razorbills!
  • Centre de plein air du Lac des Rapides: This outdoor recreation centre is the perfect place to spend a day swimming or hiking with family or friends. You can also enjoy several water activities here, including canoeing, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.
  • Parc Aylmer-Whitton: A popular recreational site that underwent a facelift in 2022, this park, nicknamed Squirrel Park, is a great spot to relax or go for a walk in a natural setting.
  • Beaches: Offering long stretches of fine sand, the enchanting beaches of Sept-Îles can be explored on foot or by bike. They also offer opportunities for surfing, swimming, horseback riding or beach yoga only a few minutes from downtown Sept-Îles.

For culture and history buffs

  • Vieux-Poste de Sept-Îles: A reconstruction of an authentic fur-trading post, this historical interpretation site will take you back to daily life in the 19th century through theme exhibitions that will immerse you in the history of the region.
  • Artisans’ studios, workshops and boutiques: Locally created arts and crafts are available and displayed throughout the city, including pottery, jewellery, textiles and paintings. One place worth visiting is the Atikuss boutique: their Maskisin economuseum is getting ready to welcome you soon. This company aims to preserve and promote traditional Innu know-how—come and discover this rich and innovative culture!
  • Museums: From local history to Innu culture, the museums in Sept-Îles offer unique perspectives on the region’s past. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit the Musée régional de la Côte-Nord, which showcases and protects local heritage, as well as the Musée Shaputuan, which promotes Innu culture.

Where to stay

When it comes to accommodations, the immense territory of Sept-Îles has something for everyone, from luxury hotels to more affordable options. For example, Château Arnaud provides warm hospitality along the shores of magnificent Sept Îles Bay. This cozy hotel offers large rooms, breathtaking views and outstanding amenities. If you’re looking for an original experience surrounded by nature, you can opt for a stay in a wilderness campsite on Grande Basque Island in the Sept Îles Archipelago.

Where to eat

Local cuisine celebrates the rich bounty of seafood available in the Sept-Îles area. Using ingredients such as salmon, lobster, shrimp, scallops or Stimpson’s surf clams, local chefs creatively outdo themselves to serve you tasty and inspiring dishes. At friendly brewpubs, cozy café bars and fine-dining restaurants, you can enjoy an authentic culinary experience in Sept-Îles. Be sure not to miss the famous Casse-Croûte du Pêcheur, a favourite snack bar among locals, who flock there for the must-have crab guédille (roll) while enjoying the covered patio inside a huge lobster trap!

How to get there and get around

If you want to explore new horizons and discover spectacular landscapes, travelling along the north shore of the St. Lawrence all the way to Sept-Îles is an unforgettable road trip! Imagine yourself behind the wheel, driving along a captivating scenic route for 900 km (560 mi.) from Montréal or 650 km (400 mi.) from Québec City, as coniferous forests, impressive mountains and meandering rivers unfold before your eyes! As you drive along the water on Route 138, the many amazing sights along the way will make you want to stop at every turn.

Are you ready to embark on this incredible adventure? Start planning your vacation to Sept-Îles now and make this dream trip a reality!

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