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Fall Favourites from the Québec Maritime Team
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Fall Favourites from the Québec Maritime Team

Vibrant colours, leaves crackling underfoot, fresh air, abundant harvests… Fall in the maritime regions of Québec appeals to all the senses! This season is synonymous with comfort and offers many opportunities to experience the joys of life, as the members of the Québec maritime team attest here.

“What I appreciate the most about fall by the sea is seeing the whole landscape change colours—not just the leaves on the trees but also the fields and the mudflats as well as the St. Lawrence, which, depending on its moods and the light, goes from bright blue to steel gray, with tints of jade or darker green… I love it all!”

“I love the excitement in public markets in the fall. Strolling through the colourful displays of vegetables, flavourful cheeses, smoked fish and fresh breads always puts me in a good mood and makes my mouth water! I discover new things every time I visit a market and I never tire of meeting the passionate food artisans who worked so hard all summer to offer us these beautiful products!”

“Fall light is magical for photos. No matter where you go, your surroundings will burst with colour! I also love the intoxicating scent of the earth mixed with the leaves that cover the forest floor after a rain shower.”

“What I love about the fall is the changes in temperature. Some days are cooler, when all you want to do is cocoon and rest: I’ll curl up with a good book at home or dress warmly and read in a public place with a hot cup of tea or coffee. These days are mixed with warmer days that remind us that winter is not here yet and that make me want to enjoy the great outdoors and the flamboyant colours of the leaves.”

“This is my favourite time of the year! I love to wrap myself up in a scarf and take a walk in the woods. I never get tired of seeing the trees in such warm and vibrant colors. Every fall, when I cross the Matapédia Valley to visit my family, I marvel at the landscape as if I were witnessing this nature show for the first time.”

“In Bas-Saint-Laurent, fall is when you pick lingonberries and plums. The lingonberries are harder to find since they grow low to the ground on fallow land, but they’re great for baking. Plums are delicious in jams and jellies, and I’m grateful every year that I have a few plum trees in my backyard!”

“Fall is my favourite time for longer hikes in the forest. In addition to the colours that add to the landscape, the temperatures are milder, there are hardly any bugs, and your chances of observing wild animals are very good, since they’re busy making their final preparations for the winter.”

As you can see, we’ve all fallen in love with fall in our regions! What about you? Please share your fall favourites (or bucket-list items) with us!

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