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Summer Favourites from the Québec Maritime Team
  • Sainte-Luce, Bas-Saint-Laurent
    Mathieu Dupuis

Summer Favourites from the Québec Maritime Team

In the summer, many sites throughout Eastern Québec offer great outdoor activities, spectacular scenery, fascinating history and mouth-watering flavours! Discover what the members of the Québec maritime team enjoy once the warm weather hits our regions.

“For me, summer is all about road trips. Going for a drive for a few hours or several days to find new landscapes to photograph. Browsing craft shops in search of treasures. Exploring new trails and being wowed by panoramic views. Discovering historic buildings and interpretation sites that bear witness to the past. Savouring regional flavours. Learning more about the maritime regions of Québec at sites that share information about the wildlife, plants and people living here. And above all, meeting locals who are proud of their region and taking the time to listen to them!”


“Summer is when I go camping as often as possible. In addition to being an affordable way to travel, camping offers opportunities to commune with nature. One of my fondest travel memories happened when I was staying by the sea in Les Bergeronnes. This area borders the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park, and whales take advantage of the deep waters here to feed very close to the shore. We could therefore see them from our tent and were even woken up early in the morning by the sounds of the blows of harbour porpoises and minke whales!”


“I confess that I have a sweet tooth, so my favourite thing about summer is of course soft ice cream! There’s nothing better than a cone of soft vanilla dipped in chocolate on a hot, sunny day to make you feel like a child again. And if I really want to treat myself, I buy a chocolate, marshmallow and caramel parfait, which is out of this world! Visitors of all ages will be delighted with the many great ice cream places found throughout our regions, in Kamouraska, Sainte-Luce, Cap-des-Rosiers, Carleton-sur-Mer, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Sept-Îles, Grande-Entrée, L’Étang-du-Nord… I don’t know about you, but I make it a point to visit all of these local institutions during my travels!”


“I love the excitement that comes with the warm weather! As soon as summer begins, our regions bustle with activity. People soak up the sun on restaurant patios, at the beach, on the wharves and in the parks. Families go from booth to booth in the public markets, and vacationers delight in visiting our many attractions. It’s also festival season, which means we get to discover talented local and international performers, all while enjoying the beautiful weather!”


“I love soaking up every quiet moment while kayaking on a lake or a river on a beautiful summer day. Listening to the sounds of nature and admiring the beauty that surrounds me is so soothing!”


“My heart beats with joy at every flap of wings and my ears welcome the sounds of the seabirds! Our regions are great places to watch birds returning to their nests, against a backdrop of endless greens and blues, high cliffs and salty sea air!”


“Summer makes me feel like anything is possible! I love impromptu outings, days at the beach with a book, barbecues with friends and evenings sitting around a bonfire looking up at the stars, telling stories, playing guitar and singing songs from home. I’m even one of those people who loves thunderstorms!”


“‘Go play outside!’ as my parents would say. Maybe that’s why, as soon as summer starts, I want to be playing outdoors. I may not be a multitasker, but I love a multitude of summer activities! How can you resist the beauty of our landscapes? On my agenda: cross-country running, cycling, hiking, sea kayaking, nature observation and more. Come and play outside!”


What about you? What would you like to see, discover or do in our regions during the summer? No matter what you choose, you’re bound to be amazed!

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