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Taking Wildlife Photos on Vacation: A Few Tips from a Nature Photographer

   |   By Jean-Christophe Lemay

Who hasn’t wanted to meet the gaze of a charismatic red fox or admire magnificent humpback whales? Québec is home to many spectacular landscapes and lush natural environments. Over the past 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of exploring this magnificent territory and photographing a wide range of wild animals and spectacular scenes. Based on my first-hand experiences during these outings, here are a few practical tips to optimize your chances of having great encounters with Québec’s wildlife and capturing unique photos!

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6 Lighthouses to Discover in Côte-Nord

   |   By Patrick Matte

Located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence Estuary, the Côte-Nord region is a true natural gem. Home to vast wilderness areas, long sandy beaches and iconic lighthouses, this region is a favourite among nature lovers and adventurers. Keep reading to learn more about the lighthouses of Côte-Nord.

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Discover Hidden-Gem Trails in Our National Parks

   |   By Anne Pélouas

The maritime regions of Québec are home to many national parks. These vast territories in Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie and Côte-Nord offer lots of popular hiking trails as well as some hidden gems that can be discovered from June to October. Follow the guide!

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16 Hikes for the Whole Family in Eastern Québec

   |   By Ulrich Josserand

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the fresh air, discover and learn about local geography, flora and fauna as well as admire panoramic views of magnificent scenery. Here are several hikes accessible to all ages that can be enjoyed in the maritime regions of Québec!

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Discover Côte-Nord in the Fall!

   |   By Nathalie Katinakis

Over a distance of 850 km (530 mi.), Route 138 will take you through a string of villages across Côte-Nord from Tadoussac to Kegaska and give you access to pristine wilderness. This vast territory has much to offer to anyone who ventures there. As of September, when the region is blanketed in warm colours, it offers even more! Here are a few attractions that are sure to make you want to visit Côte-Nord in the fall.

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Where to Watch Whales from the Shore in Eastern Québec

   |   By Anne-Josée Pineau

The maritime regions of Québec are one of the best places in the world to observe marine mammals. From May to October, the waters of the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence are home to 13 species of whales, including spectacular humpbacks! Are you interested in admiring these giants of the sea but would prefer to stay on land? Here are several places where you can enjoy whale watching from the shore!

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