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Marie-Ève Blanchard

Marie-Ève Blanchard is a journalist and adventurer who loves words and travel. For the past five years, she has been travelling the world and blogging about her adventures, her thoughts and the people she meets along the way. Her motto is “La vida es como la espuma, por eso hay que darse come el mar,” which means “Life is like the surf, so gives yourself away like the sea.” She loves the sea, which serves as an inspiration, balm and reference point. In fact, she decided to start writing a travel blog during a trip to Gaspésie.

When travelling she follows the wind, the sea and her impulses, often accompanied by her travelling companion, Roukie, her five-year-old daughter. She has promised herself to transmit to Roukie her thirst for adventure, if not her passion for travel, as well as the ability to not be held back by fear. She’s also happy to demonstrate that it’s possible to travel as a single parent with your children... All that’s required is a bit more preparation!

With her love of language, she does more than simply describe the places and attractions she visits; she also shares her thoughts, impressions and feelings in lyrical prose.

Marie-Ève and Marie-Julie Gagnon leapt at the chance to make two trips to the maritime regions of Québec. First, accompanied by their daughters, they road-tripped through the regions of Côte-Nord, Gaspésie and Bas-Saint-Laurent, enjoying the breathtaking scenery during their many adventures. The two of them then headed to the Îles de la Madeleine, where they enjoyed the slower pace of the Islands and were charmed by the exotic beauty of this archipelago.

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Tranquility and Natural Splendour on Île Verte

   |   By Marie-Ève Blanchard

I’d been dreaming for a long time of spending the night in a lighthouse. A childhood dream, from another era... A dream of those lighthouses that have been the eyes of the St. Lawrence for decades and have so often prevented ships from crashing into reefs... Lighthouses and lightkeepers that were isolated and sometimes provided shelter to shipwreck survivors...

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From Island to Island in the Maritime Regions of Québec

   |   By Marie-Ève Blanchard

It goes without saying that one of the main attractions of the maritime regions of Québec is the amazing coastlines you can admire as you drive along the majestic St. Lawrence. However, there are also about 2700 islands in the St. Lawrence that contribute to the distinctive character of these regions.

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Land’s End in Forillon National Park

   |   By Marie-Ève Blanchard

Stopping at Forillon National Park is a must! Jutting out into the sea, Forillon is home to natural attractions of all kinds, including spectacular mountain scenery, trails surrounded by wild flowers and boreal forest as well as marine mammals and seabirds.

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