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First Nations People in Côte-Nord: Meet the Innu

   |   By Marine Grimaud

When you visit the immense territory of Côte-Nord, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence, you’ll notice that many place names have an exotic ring. This is because they derive from Innu-aimun, the language spoken by the Innu people. Seven of the nine Innu communities in Québec are found in Côte-Nord.

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Culture and Discoveries: 6 Fun Outing Ideas!

   |   By Marie-Eve Lagacé

A visit to the maritime regions of Québec is an opportunity to meet people and discover their culture and rich maritime heritage. You’ll be amazed by all that our regions have to offer. Here are some ideas for outings to include in your vacation plans this summer!

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Hiking in Côte-Nord: Paradise on Earth!

   |   By Anne Pélouas

My best memories of walks in the province of Québec include views of the Saguenay Fjord, the St. Lawrence Estuary or the Gulf of St. Lawrence, all in Côte-Nord! As a hiking enthusiast, I can tell you that this region offers numerous opportunities for hikes of varying lengths over a variety of terrains.

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