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12 Places to Photograph in the Winter
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12 Places to Photograph in the Winter

In the winter, the maritime regions of Québec are very photogenic! Covered in a thick blanket of snow, the landscapes sparkle in the sun and turn into a magical winter wonderland that is sure to enchant you. Here are a few places you’ll want to stop to take spectacular photos.


1. Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse

Lighthouses are always found in beautiful locations in our regions. The Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, is the most easily accessible in the winter. Admire it from various angles to get the best shot!

2. Coastal villages

Charming villages dot the coast in this region. With ice piling up along the shores of the St. Lawrence and houses covered in snow, a stunning panorama will unfold before your eyes. You’ll see, winter gives you the opportunity to take completely different photos of these sights!

3. Ice fishing huts

Ice fishing is a traditional activity that is still practised today in several communities in the region. Every winter, colourful huts pop up on frozen lakes as well as on the ice covering the St. Lawrence. Have fun finding the most unusual ones and taking photos of these impromptu villages!


4. Percé Rock

Percé Rock, the region’s most iconic landmark, is just as impressive in the winter when surrounded by ice. You have lots of options for photographing it: you can stop and take photos at Côte Surprise, along the shore or from the hiking trail of Percé UNESCO Global Geopark!

5. Chaleur Bay

A member of the select Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club, Chaleur Bay offers many viewpoints for amazing photos, whether you’re wanting a shot of a snowy shoreline, a building linked to local fishing history or a lighthouse!

6. Chic-Chocs

Home to more than 25 peaks over 1000 metres (3300 feet) high, this mountain range offers photography enthusiasts diverse landscapes to capture on camera. Keep your eyes peeled: you never know when a moose might wander into your viewfinder!


7. Saguenay Fjord

The cliffs of this majestic glacial valley located on the outskirts of Tadoussac are particularly photo-worthy when covered in snow. Set off on snowshoes to reach truly breathtaking views!

8. Baie-Johan-Beetz

You’ll know you’ve arrived in this village in the Minganie area when you spot a red-roofed house with Second Empire-style architecture on a rocky outcrop. Your friends are bound to be impressed by your photos of this historic monument!

9. Saint-Pancrace Bay

In Baie-Comeau, this bay surrounded by conifers is a beautiful natural landscape. For a bird’s-eye view of the bay with the St. Lawrence on the horizon, head to the lookout accessible via Route 138. From there, you can take lots of amazing photos!

Îles de la Madeleine

10. Cliffs

Contrasting with the blue of the sea and the white of the snow, the Islands’ distinctive red sandstone cliffs always make for great shots. Choose the time of day when the sun’s rays are reflected off the cliffs and your photos are sure to make your friends jealous!

11. Colourful houses

Dotting the landscape, the colourful houses of the Îles de la Madeleine stand out against the white of the snow. As you go for a walk in the great outdoors, take the time to admire their charm and take some beautiful photos!

12. Fishing harbours

Since sea-fishing activities cease during the winter, the boats are hauled out of the water awaiting the next season. A stroll in one of the archipelago’s fishing harbours will give you the opportunity to take a few pictures of these colourful vessels. Be sure to pay attention to their sometimes surprising names!

So which of these places do you now want to photograph? Have you already taken photos of some of these sights? Please share them on social media using the hashtags #quebecbythesea and #quebecmaritime. We look forward to seeing your photos!

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