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Îles de la Madeleine Beaches: Our Top 6 Choices
  • Each of these beaches has its own special charm
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Îles de la Madeleine Beaches: Our Top 6 Choices

The Îles de la Madeleine offers you over 300 km (190 mi.) of beaches, many of them several kilometres long! This popular destination is also well known for its sandcastle contest, an annual summer tradition that dates back more than 25 years.

One key feature that sets apart the beaches of the archipelago is the sand’s golden colour – a fine-grain variety resulting mostly from erosion of the red sandstone cliffs. When immersed in the salt water, the quartz is stripped entirely of its iron oxide film, the source of its red colour, and brought in by longshore currents that deposit it near the Islands.

In mid-August, the water temperature reaches 18°C (64°F) and can surpass the 20°C (68°F) mark in the region’s lagoons and  bays. This means ideal water temperatures for swimming until late September! You should, however, pay close attention to the sea currents. On extremely windy days, a sheltered beach with a lifeguard is preferable – even if you’re a very strong swimmer!

Each of these beaches has its own special charm. Here are some of our favourites!

Havre-Aubert Beach – Havre Aubert Island

This beach is the site of the famous sandcastle contest. You can also walk as far as Bout du Banc Point to enjoy a magnificent view of Entry Island. Plan for three hours to complete the round trip and take in the view!

De l’Ouest (West) Beach – Havre Aubert Island

This is the place to go horseback riding or admire the most beautiful sunsets on the Islands. Swimming until dusk is sometimes an option – but watch out for strong currents!

Dune du Sud (South Dune) Beach – Havre aux Maisons Island

The water lapping on this shore is calmer, and the beach itself has been set up with picnic tables and washrooms. One side is sheltered by red cliffs featuring caves that can be explored at low tide. The beach ends at Dune du Sud – an extremely long formation where visitors can hike for hours on end.

Dune du Nord (North Dune) Beach and Pointe-aux-Loups Beach – Pointe aux Loups Island

The beaches on either side of this island rank among the most beautiful on the Islands, and are highly popular with both tourists and the locals. The currents are very strong, however – avoid swimming at high tide or during strong winds.

La Martinique Beach – Cap aux Meules Island

What makes this beach particularly appealing is the opportunity to collect shells and sand dollars at low tide. Sand dollars, a type of sea urchin, are protected by a round, flat shell featuring a star and holes arranged in a radial pattern. While sand dollars are alive, their shells are purplish grey in colour; however, the ones found on the shore are bleached by the sun. By the way, the name sand dollar refers to the creature’s resemblance to an old coin!

Grande Échouerie Beach – Grosse Île

Visitors walking along this immense beach will sometimes spot seals offshore. This site offers a range of amenities: parking, showers, washrooms, picnic tables and play areas for children. Although the water is warmest in this area, be careful: when the winds are high, the sea starts to churn and the currents become dangerous.

Pack your sunscreen and swimsuit, and bring along a good book… Come soak up some rays on the beaches of the Îles de la Madeleine this summer!

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Gloria Glockling

These islands are amazing. Two years ago my husband and I randomly chose our fall holiday here. The beaches are amazing and scenery beautiful. We walked down a peninsula and discovered 3 seals at the point. We would recommend Iles de la Madeleine to everyone!

Le Québec maritimeLe Québec maritime

Thanks for sharing your experience :) Marie-Eve - Team Québec maritime