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48 Hours… in Percé

   |   By Olivier Pierson

Percé is a fascinating town. “It’s a place that was once inhabited by the gods,” as Jean-Louis Lebreux, director of the Musée Le Chafaud, likes to say.

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St. Lawrence Road Trips

   |   By Tanya Paquet

The St. Lawrence is without a doubt the main attraction of the maritime regions of Québec. This majestic waterway flowing through the heart of Québec is the origin of many of the rich natural and architectural features of our regions.

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Portrait of an Artist: Mylène Henry

   |   By Le Québec maritime

Mylène Henry was born in Bonaventure, in the Chaleur Bay area, in Gaspésie. She’s been a professional illustrator and painter for 15 years. She creates illustrations for children’s storybooks, posters for festivals and stationery collections, as well as her own paintings.

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