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Wildlife Protectors

   |   By Marie-Eve Lagacé

When you contemplate exploring the immense natural beauty found in the maritime regions of Québec, one of the first things that undoubtedly comes to mind is the many diverse wildlife species that make their homes in our regions. Passionate local people are on hand to help you gain access to these species while conveying important messages about protecting them.

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Seabirds: 4 Species to Watch in Eastern Québec

   |   By Anne-Josée Pineau

In the maritime regions of Québec, the St. Lawrence is dotted with islands and islets as well as bordered by some 3000 km (1900 mi.) of cliffs, beaches and shorelines. It’s no wonder that impressive numbers of seabirds nest in our regions! Here are four species you can observe in their natural habitat.

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The Lighthouse Trail

   |   By Tanya Paquet

By travelling from one lighthouse to the next, you’ll discover beautiful sites overlooking the sea, many of which were once only accessible to the lightkeepers and their families. The Lighthouse Trail invites you to visit nearly 20 of these sentinels of the sea.

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