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Top 3 Photos of Our National Parks and Natural Sites on Instagram
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Top 3 Photos of Our National Parks and Natural Sites on Instagram

Photo enthusiasts will find lots of beautiful scenery to photograph in the maritime regions of Québec. It’s not surprising, then, that so many photos of our national parks and natural sites are found on social media. We recently asked our web community to share their photos on Instagram: here are three that caught our attention.

Parc national de la Gaspésie

From dense forest to barren peaks, Parc national de la Gaspésie will delight avid photographers—as well as hiking enthusiasts, obviously! Keep your eyes peeled for caribou.

Îles de la Madeleine

Be honest, you’re always happy to see photos of the Îles de la Madeleine pop up in your Instagram feed! Beaches, cliffs, lighthouses… It’s hard to go wrong when taking pictures of the Islands.

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

To immerse yourself in an unusual landscape, head to the Mingan Archipelago, where you’ll find the largest concentration of erosion monoliths in Canada. Doesn’t this look peaceful (and a bit surreal)?

When visiting our regions, be sure to keep your camera or smartphone close at hand: there’s so much beauty to capture in our national parks and natural sites!

Don’t forget to share your photos with us on Instagram and tag them with the hashtags #quebecbythesea and #quebecmaritime!

Author Marie-Eve Lagacé

Originally from Gaspésie, Marie-Eve Lagacé loves both writing and her corner of the world, so she’s delighted to be able to combine these passions as a writer for this blog! Her favourite subjects are people, local culture and our regions’ unexpected (and sometimes unusual) treasures. Although she loves relaxing with a coffee and a good book, she also enjoys exploring new vistas and swimming with the salmon in the Matapédia River!

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