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What Unusual Accommodations Are Offered in Gaspésie?
  • Forillon National Park
    Mathieu Dupuis

What Unusual Accommodations Are Offered in Gaspésie?

The Gaspésie Tour is a legendary trip that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime! To make your journey around the Gaspé Peninsula even more memorable, why not spend a few nights in unusual accommodations surrounded by nature? Here are a few options to add to your itinerary.

Ecolodges on stilts

You’ll be charmed by the ecolodges on stilts at Cime Aventures in Bonaventure—tucked in the trees, they’re connected to each other by suspended walkways. Some units are a single large room while others are divided into two smaller rooms to better meet your needs. Although the ecolodges are furnished (beds, table, chairs, loveseat, mini-fridge, microwave oven, coffeemaker, etc.), you must provide your own kitchen equipment and bedding. (Note that bedsheets, pillowcases and towels are available at extra charge.)

Teepees or yurt

Still at Cime Aventures, get a taste of Indigenous or Mongolian culture by staying in a teepee or yurt! Both are ideally located along the crystal-clear Bonaventure River. After a full day of paddling and soaking up the beauty of this waterway, continue communing with nature throughout the night… The rustic teepees include a double bed, two single beds and an outdoor picnic table. The yurt, which can accommodate more people (up to 6), also includes a woodstove and mini-fridge. (Bring your own sleeping bags and pillows for these stays.)

“Ready-to-camp” (glamping) tents

Resembling prospector’s tents, traditional “ready-to-camp” tents are popular with travellers who enjoy hassle-free camping. Parc national de la Gaspésie offers 14 of these glamping units (which are divided into two bedrooms by a canvas curtain) in the Mont-Albert campground. Six new Étoile glamping units are also available in the same area. These cube-shaped, canvas-sealed structures include three double beds and a covered porch, which is perfect for rainy days. If you’re travelling to the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, Forillon National Park offers 15 oTENTik tents (which can accommodate up to 6 people) in the Des Rosiers and Petit-Gaspé campgrounds. Griffon Aventure in Gaspé also offers 3 prospector’s tents, 2 of which pay tribute to the Mi’gmaq people. Just like in national parks, you can enjoy a host of outdoor activities on this site.

A micrOcube

A brand-new lodging option has appeared in Forillon National Park: a micrOcube. Designed for travellers who prefer solid structures and privacy, this 10-m2 (110-sq.-ft) wooden cube with a contemporary look accommodates 2 people and includes a double bed. The large panoramic window will give you the impression of sleeping outdoors in nature, even as you are comfortable and sheltered from the elements.

Quick tip: To ensure a smooth trip, make sure you double-check what equipment is included in the accommodations you book. Enjoy an unusual stay in Gaspésie!

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