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Snowmobiling: What to See in Bas-Saint-Laurent
  • Saint-Fabien-sur-Mer, Bas-Saint-Laurent
    Patric Nadeau/Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent

Snowmobiling: What to See in Bas-Saint-Laurent

Bas-Saint-Laurent is an ideal destination for your next snowmobile trip since this region offers 1800 km (1100 mi.) of high-quality trails as well as landscapes featuring the sea, hills and lakes. Find out more about the winter wonderland that await you in this region!

Islands in the St. Lawrence

As you ride along miles of trails in Bas-Saint-Laurent, you’ll notice the many islands that dot the St. Lawrence: the Kamouraska Islands (accessible via Trans-Québec trail #5 [TQ5] or Trans-Québec trail #35 [TQ35], then regional trail #557), Les Pèlerins (via local trail #45 between Saint-André-de-Kamouraska and Notre-Dame-du-Portage), Île Verte (via TQ5 to L’Isle-Verte or Cacouna, then regional and local trails to the shore), the Bic Islands (via TQ5, regional trail #518 and then a local trail to Saint-Fabien) and, finally, Saint-Barnabé Island in Rimouski (via local trails to downtown Rimouski or directly via TQ5). You’re sure to be charmed by these maritime landscapes!

Lake Témiscouata

Nearly 40 km (25 mi.) long, Lake Témiscouata is the largest lake in Eastern Québec and the second largest south of the St. Lawrence. In the winter, this body of water looks even more spectacular under a blanket of snow. You can see it for miles along Trans-Québec trail #85 (TQ85), whether you’re coming from Rivière-du-Loup or New Brunswick, or via TQ35 from Rimouski.

The Notre-Dame Mountains

As you ride inland in the Bas-Saint-Laurent high country, you’ll discover the Notre-Dame Mountains. Part of the Appalachians, these mountains offer several unique experiences: you can soak up views of frozen Lake Témiscouata (via TQ35 or TQ85), encounter white-tailed deer in Trinité-des-Monts (on TQ35), and explore one of the province’s oldest maple groves in Saint-Gabriel-de-Rimouski (by following TQ5 and then regional trail #579).

To see all these areas, take a look at the ride ideas on our website, which will help you plan your next snowmobile trip in Bas-Saint-Laurent. Be sure to also find out more about snowmobile-friendly accommodations in this region and book your stay in advance. Happy trails!

Author Anthony Lepage

Originally from Le Bic, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, Anthony Lepage is passionate about extreme sports. In the summer, he spends all his free time on mountain bike trails, while in the winter, he can be found on ski slopes or in the glades in search of powder. Fascinated by the spectacular landscapes of Eastern Québec, he decided to return to his native region after a stint in the big city, to enjoy a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Through the posts he’s writing for this blog, he hopes to help you discover the amazing natural playgrounds hidden throughout this vast territory.

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