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Where to See Whales in Côte-Nord

   |   By Jean-Pierre Sylvestre, Le Québec maritime

The Côte-Nord region is recognized as one of the best places in the world to see marine mammals. Follow the Whale Route from Tadoussac to Blanc-Sablon, and you may observe up to 13 different species of whales! To help you plan your vacation, here are some observation sites you won’t want to miss in this region.

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Culture and Discoveries: 7 Experiences Not to Miss

   |   By Anne-Josée Pineau

History and culture buffs will love visiting the maritime regions of Québec, which offer a multitude of activities and sites where you can satisfy your curiosity and create memories of a lifetime. Are you planning a trip to Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie, Côte-Nord or the Îles de la Madeleine? Here are 7 experiences you won’t want to miss!

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Hiking along the Sea in Eastern Québec

   |   By Marie-Ève Blanchard

Nothing beats an invigorating walk along the St. Lawrence while lulled by the sound of the waves, the wind and the smell of the sea! Fill your lungs with salty sea air and feast your eyes with coastal beauty as you explore the trails along the shorelines of Eastern Québec.

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Discover the National Parks of Eastern Québec

   |   By Annick Beauchemin

Much to the delight of nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, Eastern Québec is home to 10 national parks scattered throughout the regions of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie and Côte-Nord. From amazing hikes and wildlife sightings to unique water sports, these parks offer numerous attractions and diverse landscapes. Each park is different, so lace up your hiking boots and set off to discover these spectacular natural sites!

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Discover Hidden-Gem Trails in Our National Parks

   |   By Anne Pélouas

The maritime regions of Québec are home to many national parks. These vast territories in Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie and Côte-Nord offer lots of popular hiking trails as well as some hidden gems that can be discovered from June to October. Follow the guide!

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15 Amazing Experiences Unique to Eastern Québec!

   |   By Marie-Eve Lagacé

Home to immense natural spaces, abundant wildlife and a particularly rich history, Eastern Québec is sure to impress! Not surprisingly, our regions offer unique experiences and a multitude of fascinating sites to discover. Here are some you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

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