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Unusual Accommodations: Experience Winter in Québec in a Different Way

   |   By Jean-Pascal Côté, Le Québec maritime

Winter is a beautiful time of year to visit the province of Québec—and there are many ways for you to make the most of this season! To add a touch of magic to your winter adventures, have you considered staying in unusual accommodations in the maritime regions of Québec? Here are some lodging options that will add another dimension to your trip!

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Discover Gaspé at Land’s End

   |   By Valérie Gasse

In Gaspé, the sea is everywhere! Known as Gespeg to the Mi’gmaq Nation, which means “land’s end,” Gaspé is located at the tip of the immense Gaspé Peninsula. So, if for you, a vacation means travelling towards multiple horizons and a complete change of scenery, then you’ll want to visit Gaspé! I lost my bearings here and I’m all the better for it

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Cultural Heritage Protectors

   |   By Marie-Eve Lagacé

Often guided by the sea, people from all walks of life have trodden the soil of our regions and populated these lands. As a result, Eastern Québec offer countless stories to discover. Fortunately, many sites that bear witness to the past have been preserved and are open to the public. Discover portraits of four of these people whose mission is to preserve the cultural heritage of our regions.

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Fall Hikes in Eastern Québec: What Not to Miss

   |   By Anne-Josée Pineau

Fall is an ideal time of year to hike in the regions of Québec by the Sea, as the leaves turn flamboyant colours, temperatures become milder, and you can spot wildlife as they go about their natural lives. Whether you opt to explore the coast, the forest or the mountains, you’ll be surrounded by spectacular scenery!

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Seaside Historic and Heritage Sites Worth Visiting

   |   By Jean-Pascal Côté

Fishing, navigation, historic battles, the fur trade... The maritime regions of Québec boast a rich history and natural heritage that are directly linked to the St. Lawrence. Many historic and heritage sites located in the coastal areas of the maritime regions of Québec recount different chapters of this history. Here are a few sites to add to your itinerary!

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