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Gaspésie is a land of contrasts. While 25 of the highest peaks in Québec are found in the interior of this vast peninsula, the Gaspé coast is surrounded by unique beaches and unforgettable views. Not only is this region home to legendary Percé Rock, but it also boasts four national parks, world-renowned salmon rivers, a rich history and a multitude of talented chefs, artists and artisans.

The scenery of Gaspésie is also charming in the winter. Mountain sports enthusiasts will be thrilled by the many opportunities to explore the Chic-Choc Mountains and other parts of the Appalachians while skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding. In addition, the Gaspé Peninsula is renowned as a snowmobile destination, offering nearly 2000 kilometres (1200 miles) of trails with breathtaking views.

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Bird Watching in Gaspésie: Opportunities for Fall Sightings

   |   By Marie-Eve Lagacé

The flamboyant colours of Gaspésie in the fall are an incredible sight! This season also offers opportunities for special moments to birdwatchers. Why is Gaspésie such a popular bird-watching destination? What species can you see in this region in the fall? Where are the best places to go to see birds? Find the answers here!

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Fall TLDG in Gaspésie: An Amazing Human Adventure!

   |   By Olivier Pierson

The Fall TDLG is first and foremost an amazing human adventure! It’s an opportunity to get back to the essentials, spent beautiful moments in nature with others and share good vibes. This festive outdoor adventure offers hikers the opportunity to trek for a week on seaside and mountain trails in Gaspésie.

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Ideas for Your Vacation in Gaspésie

   |   By Nathalie Le Coz

Driving around the Gaspé Peninsula on Route 132 is a classic road trip, a dream vacation that you know in advance will be unforgettable, in intimate contact with the sea that bathes the 900 kilometres of coastline surrounding this region of warm and friendly people.

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Where to See Whales in Gaspésie

   |   By Jean-Pierre Sylvestre, Le Québec maritime

A vast peninsula surrounded by the sea, Gaspésie is a popular destination for outdoor lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, especially those who love whales! Up to six species of cetaceans can be observed in this region. Here are some spots to add to your itinerary to make sure you see whales during your next vacation in Gaspésie.

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