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Gaspésie is a land of contrasts. While 25 of the highest peaks in Québec are found in the interior of this vast peninsula, the Gaspé coast is surrounded by unique beaches and unforgettable views. Not only is this region home to legendary Percé Rock, but it also boasts four national parks, world-renowned salmon rivers, a rich history and a multitude of talented chefs, artists and artisans.

The scenery of Gaspésie is also charming in the winter. Mountain sports enthusiasts will be thrilled by the many opportunities to explore the Chic-Choc Mountains and other parts of the Appalachians while skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding. In addition, the Gaspé Peninsula is renowned as a snowmobile destination, offering nearly 2000 kilometres (1200 miles) of trails with breathtaking views.

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Chic-Chocs: The Hidden Gem of Eastern Canada

   |   By Jamie Walter

Those that have grown up skiing the East have likely heard stories of the fabled Chic-Choc Mountains of Québec. These stories started when the East’s most adventurous skiers journeyed into the depths of the Gaspé Peninsula in search of this holy land—a place that looks and feels like anything but the East Coast.

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3 Good Reasons to Visit Gaspésie in the Winter

   |   By Anne-Josée Pineau

Winter transforms the landscapes of Gaspésie, much to the delight of outdoor lovers.The St. Lawrence freezes solid in places, the mountains are covered in snow, and Percé Rock is trapped in ice. Are you thinking of visiting Gaspésie during your next winter vacation? Here are three good reasons to do so!

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Gaspésie: Did You Know?

   |   By Le Québec maritime

Gaspésie charms visitors with contrasting landscapes ranging from undulating countryside to mountains overlooking the sea.To find out more about Gaspésie and for ideas to help you plan your stay in this region, consult our infographic below.

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