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Snowmobiling: What to See in Gaspésie
  • Mont-Saint-Pierre, Gaspésie
    Alexa Fay/Tourisme Gaspésie

Snowmobiling: What to See in Gaspésie

Gaspésie is a popular snowmobile destination that offers breathtaking sea and mountain scenery as well as 3000 km (1900 mi.) of marked and well-groomed trails. Discover this region’s must-see spots on your next snowmobile trip!

Percé Rock

You can’t talk about Gaspésie without mentioning Percé Rock, the region’s most famous natural landmark. Located off the coast of the village of Percé, this giant limestone monolith dominates the landscape: it’s 450 metres (1475 feet) wide, 90 metres (295 feet) deep and 85 metres (280 feet) high! One of the best places to admire this natural wonder on your snowmobile is from the lookout at the top of Mt. Sainte-Anne. To get there, take Trans-Québec trail #5, then follow the local trail leading to the village. From there, follow the marked trail from the Percé UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Chic-Choc Mountains

Located at the heart of the Gaspé Peninsula, the Chic-Chocs are an extension of the Appalachians and are some of the highest mountains in Québec. In fact, they include 25 peaks over 1000 metres (3300 ft.) high! The trails through these mountains are dotted with lookouts from which to admire this immense territory: you’ll find several along regional trail #595 and local trail #10.


If you’re riding along the north side of the peninsula, you must make a stop in the village of Mont-Saint-Pierre to soak up the spectacular sea and mountain scenery found in this area. At the top of Mt. Saint-Pierre, you’ll be wowed by the sight of the St. Lawrence on one side and the Chic-Chocs on the other. You can easily access this area by following the signs from Trans-Québec trail #5.

Chaleur Bay

Fed by several rivers and flowing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Chaleur Bay separates the region of Gaspésie from the province of New Brunswick. Be sure to stop at the lookout on Mt. Saint-Joseph, a peak in Carleton-sur-Mer that’s 555 metres (1820 feet) high, to take in an incredible view of this area! Various local trails will take you there from Trans-Québec trail #5.

Are you planning a snowmobile trip in Gaspésie? Take a look at the ride ideas on our website so you don’t miss any of the sights! And don’t forget to book your accommodations in advance. Happy trails!

Author Anthony Lepage

Originally from Le Bic, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, Anthony Lepage is passionate about extreme sports. In the summer, he spends all his free time on mountain bike trails, while in the winter, he can be found on ski slopes or in the glades in search of powder. Fascinated by the spectacular landscapes of Eastern Québec, he decided to return to his native region after a stint in the big city, to enjoy a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Through the posts he’s writing for this blog, he hopes to help you discover the amazing natural playgrounds hidden throughout this vast territory.

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