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Bas-Saint-Laurent is a rich blend of coastal, rural and forest scenery. The influence of the sea and land can be felt throughout this region, both in the architecture of the houses and on the menus of the region’s many fine restaurants. In addition, islands, lakes and rivers offer both hard and soft adventure opportunities.

In the winter, Bas-Saint-Laurent experiences heavy snowfall, much to the delight of winter sports enthusiasts. The forests, lakes and shoreline of this region offer many opportunities for winter activities, including snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, dogsledding, ice fishing and more.

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3 Good Reasons to Visit Bas-Saint-Laurent in the Winter

   |   By Anne-Josée Pineau

Whether along the coast or in the heart of a snowy forest, Bas-Saint-Laurent offers majestic and magical winter scenery at every turn. A visit during the cold season is an excellent opportunity not only to spend time in the great outdoors but also to meet friendly people and enjoy cosy comfort in the places you stay.

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Bas-Saint-Laurent: Top 5 Spots to Discover While Snowmobiling

   |   By Tanya Paquet

The maritime regions of Québec are a vast destination crisscrossed by 6000 km (3700 mi.) of snowmobile trails. Within this territory, the Bas-Saint-Laurent region offers an impressive network of trails that are connected to Trans-Quebec trail #5 and that lead you from the forest to the sea through many towns and villages.

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Top 6 Bike Routes in Bas-Saint-Laurent

   |   By Jean-Pascal Côté

Along the St. Lawrence River, through the Notre-Dame Mountains, right by majestic lakes or in picturesque rural landscapes, the Bas-Saint-Laurent region is a perfect destination to explore on a bicycle. Here are six routes for you to discover the region at a slower pace.

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Campgrounds in Our National Parks: The Best Spots

   |   By Jean-Pascal Côté

The maritime regions of Québec boast several national parks whose visit would not be complete without a camping night (or a few nights). These parks have a great variety of campgrounds appealing to people travelling in RVs, those who prefer to sleep in a tent in the backcountry and everyone in between.

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What to See and Do on Vacation in Rimouski

   |   By Nathalie Le Coz

Located on the banks of the St. Lawrence and offering both urban and nature experiences as well as a vibrant cultural life, Rimouski is an appealing vacation destination. It is a land of contrasts, a dream destination where you can lose yourself in new cultural discoveries or find yourself in nature!

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